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  • Are you able to clear your criminal record through expungement?

    It is not as simple as it seems it should be. ORS 137.225, the Oregon Statute that controls when and which convictions are eligible for expungement can be complicated and confusing. While some portions of ORS 137.225 may make it seem like you are eligible, other parts of the statute cast doubt on whether or […]

  • First Step Towards Expungement in Multnomah County

    Before you file for expungement under ORS 137.225, you must make sure you have paid off any fines associated with the conviction being expunged are paid in full. In many counties, that includes making sure you don’t owe any money at all to the State of Oregon, even including unpaid traffic and parking tickets. If […]

  • Expungement may not be the end

    While the internet has many benefits, making it easy to clear your record is not one of them. Even if you get a court to order to expunge your record pursuant to ORS 137.225, it may still show up on a background check or online. Therefore, after you get an order signed, it is important […]

  • Changes in Oregon Expungement Law

    Once again the Oregon Legislature has found fit to modify Oregon’s Expungement Statute ORS 137.225. Now, if you have been convicted of Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree, and the victim was 65 years old at the time of the crime, you can no longer have that conviction expunged under ORS 137.225(7)(b). Clearly the legislature […]

  • Why the war on drugs will never be won

    By Gabriel Biello No matter how severe the consequences, no matter how many criminal laws they pass, and no matter how much money they throw away on the war on drugs, drugs will always be used and available. The following article shows that more you try to stop drug smugglers the more inventive they will […]

  • Welcome To My New Website!

    Welcome to my new website! This is a blog post. I will periodically post news, updates, and other information. Stay tuned…