Family Law

Family Law

Divorce and Child Custody

Few things can be as stressful as the dissolution of a marriage or conflict surrounding children. Which is why I make it a priority to spare all involved the stress and expense that comes with litigation in the courtroom.


I try to resolve all family law disputes outside of court. That said, if the other side is unreasonable or an acceptable compromise cannot be reached, I am always prepared to go to court to obtain the best outcome for you.

Modification of Parenting Plans

Few areas of the law are as unclear as the law surrounding modifications of an existing parenting plan. A judge is to consider the “best interest of the child” in considering whether and how to modify a parenting plan. But I believe that you know what is best for your child.

Success in these types of cases, is achieved before ever going court. I will work with you to formulate a plan with justifications tailored to convince a judge what is in the best interest of your child. It is extremely important to consult an attorney before you go to court or respond to the other party’s filing. Please don’t hesitate to call for a consultation.

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